Discrimination in financial services is a huge problem for millions of formerly incarcerated individuals, and especially impacts people of color and women. This issue also affects the LGBTQ+ community, particularly LGBTQ+ people of color and transgender individuals. An unwelcoming financial system forces people to rely on check cashers, payday lenders and other high-cost, non-bank alternatives. These services are often predatory, and do not provide people with financial guidance or opportunities to save, build credit, and develop long-term financial security. 


We are committed to changing this narrative through Diverge, a proposed federal credit union. This new member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative will provide a financial home for unbanked individuals. The credit union will offer access to safe, affordable products and the financial education people need to achieve financial well-being and create wealth for themselves and their families. The National Credit Union Association (NCUA), the credit union industry regulatory authority, has granted approval to move forward with our application for a new credit union charter for this groundbreaking initiative.

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We are dedicated to advancing economic empowerment for historically marginalized and unbanked communities. Our mission is to improve access to mainstream financial services and the financial eduction people need to achieve long-term financial independence. 

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We envision a world that embraces inclusion, acceptance, second chances and opportunity for all. Our new credit union aspires to be an organization that helps end discrimination in financial services based on race, gender, identity, ethnicity, religion, or past mistakes.

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Diversity & Inclusion

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