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Subscriber Spotlight: Jeffrey Deskovic

In today's Subscriber Spotlight presenting Diverge PFCU's passionate group of organizers for our radically inclusive credit union, we are pleased to present Jeffrey Deskovic.

Jeff (he/him) is the Founder of The Deskovic Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to exonerating the wrongfully convicted and wrongful conviction prevention.

As an exoneree originally sentenced to life in prison at the age of 17 for a crime he did not commit, following his release in 2006, Jeff successfully sued the authorities responsible and used a substantial portion of his award to start the Foundation. He now dedicates himself to helping other individuals and is an advocate for criminal justice reform through regular speaking engagements and written publications.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts from Mercy College, a Master's from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and recently obtained a law degree from Pace University.


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