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Subscriber Spotlight: Joel Keyser

In this week's post shining a light on our amazing subscribers organizing for our radically inclusive federal credit union, Diverge PFCU is pleased to introduce you to Joel Keyser.

Joel Keyser (he/him) has over 40 years in business as a CPA, CFO, CEO, and HR Manager, and has worn many other hats managing successful businesses, as well as startups.

Joel Keyser (he/him)

Joel is presently on the Board of The Hinda Institute, a non-profit organization that provides education, counseling, housing, and food to current and formerly-incarcerated individuals, along with spiritual guidance. Learn more about H

As a formerly incarcerated individual himself, Joel understands the need for financial education and banking services for impacted individuals.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Accounting from Rutgers Camden College of Arts and Science.



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